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Help with HDS Storage Navigator

i realize this may not be the right forum for this, but i'm afraid, HDS's forum has left me high and dry.

I'm running Storage Manager v7.11. I'm running into an issue that I cannot seem to locate any info on...

When connected directly to the array (AMS1000), i can run SM without any problem (connected via IP). However, when i reconnect to the network I encounter an error indicating the array cant be contacted:

"DMEA00007: An invalid response was received from the subsystem."

There are no firewalls between the host trying to connect and the array...

Trace shows the correct path (both ways).

and as stated, if connected directly to the interface on the array, works fine...

this really has me baffled...

Has anybody saw this error before?



New Member

Re: Help with HDS Storage Navigator

Do you have a contract with HDS? You need to call them as HDS errors are in the millions..

I am assuming you have gone in via the maintenance LAN but cant connect to the general IP network.

Has someone changed the port numbers from the standard 2000?

Have a good look at Configuration settings and get onto HDS. This is a Cisco site and I have not seen you post anything on the hds forums where this type of question belong.


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Re: Help with HDS Storage Navigator


yes, i've tried to post the question on the HDS forum, but 4 days now and the moderator hasnt given me "permissions" to post...

Have checked the config settings..nothing obvious...

thanks for the response...

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Re: Help with HDS Storage Navigator


Is this the correct forum for HDS??

It looks like it is...but again, the moderator hasnt responded to my request for access...


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Re: Help with HDS Storage Navigator


Yes it is the correct address. It does take some time to allow to post to stop all the junk advertisements.

I used to work for CSC and there was a forum thingy where you could post questions globally. That was 6 yeas ago and I don't know if it still exists. It was there to ask all the CSCer's questions on different stuff. AS CSC is bound to outsource lots of storage, there should be some list that caters for these types of questions.

HDS is well known for not making any sense at all for the errors that appears. Almost 99.99999% of them suggest raising a call.

AMS1000 is not that old so its bound to be still in maintenance.

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Re: Help with HDS Storage Navigator

thanks stephen...

yea, they are under contract...workikng with an eng now...

thanks for the info and good to hear from a past CSC'er ;-)


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