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Help with understanding current draw of MDS 9200

I have 3 MDS 9216A's which are on one circuit.  The circuit is a 20A circuit.

Please see the below output of "show envir power".  You will see that it shows 4.98A allocated to the Supervisor and 4.77A allocated to the SMIP.  To read this correctly, does that mean that the switch is requiring 4.98A, or that its actually requiring 10A?  I believe since its current, we would just need to go with the higher number, in which case each MDS is needing approx 5A.  Is this correct?

MDS1# show envir power


PS  Model                Power     Power       Status

                         (Watts)   (Amp @42V)       


1                        --        --          fail/shutdown      

2   DS-CAC-845W          800.10    19.05       ok                 

Mod Model                Power     Power       Power     Power       Status

                         Requested Requested   Allocated Allocated        

                         (Watts)   (Amp @42V)  (Watts)   (Amp @42V)       

--- -------------------  -------   ----------  --------- ----------  ----------

1    DS-X9216-K9-SUP     209.16    4.98        209.16    4.98        powered-up

2    DS-X9308-SMIP       200.34    4.77        200.34    4.77        powered-up

Power Usage Summary:


Power Supply redundancy mode:                   redundant

Total Power Capacity                            800.10   W

Power reserved for Supervisor(s)[-]             209.16   W

Power reserved for Fan Module(s)[-]             47.88    W

Power currently used by Modules[-]              200.34   W


Total Power Available                           342.72   W


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