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how can i connect tape with Cisco Rack server ??


I need to know how can i connect tape drive OR tape library TO Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Mount Server ?

how the connection done between this component and what the type of connection ?


AS I have  have HP Server now having Symantec backup exec Solution and the tape library or tape device connect Direct through HBA card or Scsi Card wha ever the type on connection ?


How can i replace this server with Cisco Rack server and attach the tape to C-Series ?




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Q. are you talking about a

Q. are you talking about a standalone server, or a UCS managed rack mount server ?

f you need a direct connection to the server, it is best to connect it to a FC HBA (the Cisco VIC adaptors are CNA's; using it as a HBA is possible, but not straight forward).

eg. for a Cisco UCS C240 M3 High-Density Rack Server (Small Form Factor Disk Drive Model)

Host Bus Adapters (HBAs):

(Emulex LPe 11002 Dual Port 4Gb Fibre Channel HBA

(Emulex LPe 12002 Dual Port 8Gb Fibre Channel HBA)

(QLogic QLE2462 Dual Port 4Gb Fibre Channel HBA)

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dearI talk about standalone


I talk about standalone server (C-Series) and i need to achieved straight  forwardand direct conectionc.>


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Hello, You would need to use



You would need to use an HBA in the rack mount. Be aware that our CNAs do FCoE not native FC. Be sure the tape device supports FCoE before attempting to use a CNA. It looks like Walter has provided several options for HBAs in this thread.





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Working on my ticket and

Working on my ticket and  found the  Few options. 


  1. Options A,  Cisco one is partial support,  however needs to evaluated in this Case.


Cisco Adapter  Supports only  SFF8644   Mini SAS,  Not  SFF-8088 Port.


However there is a cable where you can convert  SFF-8644 to  SFF-8088,   Again this has to be evaluated or Tested in LAB.


   Cisco Product ID

    Cisco 12G 9300-8e 12G SAS HBA for external JBOD attach

    2 Mini-SAS HD SFF8644




  1. Option B:  ThirdParty  Adapter are available.  It is Straight forward  support SFF-8088 Port,


This supports  Vmware as well.


           Check out Regarding LSI SAS 9207-8E,


Shopping Places,



Cables SFF-8088 to SFF-8088


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