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How to Configure a Bladecenter Cisco SAN Switch?

Hello, I need to configure an IBM Bladecenter Cisco SAN switch but new to this area of expertise and was wondering if anyone can point me to some guidance for this.  I understand it is very similar to the Cisco MDS 9124.  Unfortunately configuring switches is not a strong point for me at all.


1.  Can I access the switch thru the management module like the other Bladecenter switches to assign the fibre switch an IP?

2.  After assiging an IP, can I enter this IP in a web console and assume the Cisco Fabric Manager Software is embedded in the module and start managing? 

3.  Is there a default ID and password?

4.  I may have to install a back level version of the firmware (I remember a few years ago, to update firmware I had to use a tftp server.  Is this still the case?)

5.  This switch will be plugged into an external Cisco switch.  What do I need for that?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to Configure a Bladecenter Cisco SAN Switch?

1. configure the IP address via the IBM blade center Management Module web interface.

2. Depending on the version of firmware on the swtich module, the FM may or may not be inluded.  The device manager client will be there and can be downloaded via the web connection. I believe that with 4.x and later code, FM is no longer included in the switch firmware.

3. Yes the default user id is USERID and PASW0RD (zero not 0)  from this user you can add aditional user/passwords for management.

4. Yes, you can upgrade via TFTP server or diretly via Fabric Manager, there is no mechanism for using Device Manager to upgreade code.

5. Nothing special needs to be done.  By defauylt, the ports EXT0, EXT15, and EXT16 are licensed.  If you need additional external ports, you must license the additional 10 ports on the module.

Hope this helps,


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