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New Member

Inter-VSAN zone not found

I am new at this storage networking thing. Could someone please explain to me what this error message meens? The error is "switchname:ivr:inter-VSAN zone not found"

Sorry I should at least let you know what equipment it is comming from...Cisco MDS 9509.

This is happening when we are trying to create an IBR zone between 2 Cisco MDS 9509s

New Member

Re: Inter-VSAN zone not found

What output do you get when you run the following commands? For the first one you should see something below.

sh ivr session

Last Action Time Stamp : None

Last Action : Commit

Last Action Result : Success

Last Action Failure Reason : none

sh ivr pending-diff

sh ivr pending

sh ivr vsan-topology

Can you reply back or upload a screenshot.


New Member

Re: Inter-VSAN zone not found

Show ivr session status

Last Action Time Stamp: None

Last Action: None

Last Action Result: None

Last Action Failure Reason: None

show ivr pending-diff - nothing came back

show ivr pending - FCDomain Database - no session

I've attached a screenshot of the commands. Thanks for the reply.

New Member

Re: Inter-VSAN zone not found

When you run

sh ivr zone


sh ivr zoneset

You get to see all the zones already created?

Have you tried to create the new Zone in Fabric Manager and see if you get the same error? Because you might be missing an options via the CLI.


New Member

Re: Inter-VSAN zone not found

Yes, we can see all of the IVR zones using both of these commands. The error message we are getting is from the Fabric Manager. If we try to create the IVR zone using the command line, we get a similar error.

New Member

Re: Inter-VSAN zone not found

I was thinking it was the new Zone already existed or you were trying to add a device to a non-existing Zone.

I have IVR here and not come across this exact error before.

Hopefully somebody with a bit more IVR experience can help.


Cisco Employee

Re: Inter-VSAN zone not found

You might want to collect a 'show tech ivr' on both switches and open a support case with your MDS service provider. I believe there a number of reasons that this error can be posted, and one of those might be a software bug. I'm afraid there is no easy answer without more in-depth problem determination. If you are able to post the show tech ivr files here, I would be happy to have a look at them. If this is pressing, the best channel for support is opening a service request with your provider.



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