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ISL on separate FC module board


I'm quite new to MDS.

we have 2 MDS connected with on ISL (2 FC ports per MDS)

the ports used for the ISL are on the same FC board.

I'm wondering if for availability reason, it would be better to spread these ports on separate FC board?

is this a good idea, and is it easy to change on the MDS?

many thanks



Re: ISL on separate FC module board

Sounds like a good idea and if the link is in a port-channel it is easy as pie :)

Community Member

Re: ISL on separate FC module board

yep it's in a port-channel.

now easy?

I can go ahead with the removal of a port from the p-channel, then connecting the sfp to the other module, and adding it to the p-channel?

do I have to cut the ISL for that or as long as I have 1 link up I can do the thing online?


Cisco Employee

Re: ISL on separate FC module board

You can do it online...

Shutdown the ports on each end of the ISL that you are moving.

Move the SFP and cable.

Make sure the new ports are configured correctly (speed, dedicated, mode).

Add the new ports to the port-channel, then no shut the new ports.

The MDS will quiesce the link when shutdown, and will add it back into the PC seamlessly when it is brought back up.

- Mike


Re: ISL on separate FC module board

You can add the port on the second line card to the port channel before you cable/add sfp.

Some things you might want to check before however.

1. What sort of module is the second line card? 12,16, 24, 32 or 48 port?

2. If it is an gen-1 32 port line card is there anything else using the port group? (the bank of four ports). If so, you cant set it up as an E port

3. If its a gen-2 24 or 48), do you need to reserve some bandwidth

You will not need to take down the port-channel to add/remove ports from it.


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