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Long Distance Storage Replication

Looking for some data on storage replication between data centers connected via VPN. VPN is based on 7206VXR/IOS w/ DS-3 access. DS3 endpoints are the same Tier1 provider. Distance is Miami to/from Chicago.

Replication fo 20Gb SQL Database (initially) in a 12 hour window. Current SQL copy takes roughly 16 hours.

EMC Clarion array replication is next on the plate.

Cisco Employee

Re: Long Distance Storage Replication

There are many options available to you and would depend on the budget and the infrastructure you already have in place. All of the storage products could provide you with FCIP links. The FCIP link/tunnel would flow inside and as data in the VPN tunnel

There are modules for the 7200's that act as B-port and would encapsulate the data across a FCIP link and so the the endpoints would be the 7200's. Then the SN5428 can provide the same FCIP connectivity and then the FC ports from the storage could plug directly into the 5428.

What may be the best option is the MDS with compression and write acceleration. Depending on the encapsulation of the DS3, the MTU can run from 1500 to 4400. So, the MDS could sit off of a gigabit link from the 7200's and make that MTU on the MDS's gigabit interface the MTU of the (MTU of the DS3-the overhead encapsulation of the VPN). Then you could apply compression and/or write acceleration to give you the FCIP link from MDS to MDS and provide the speed that you desire.

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