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MDS 9000 storage solutions future upgrade compatability

Hi There,

Can anyone tell me how these switch will support future requirement of from 8 gbps to like 16 gbps ? like this it keeps going on and on. But my question is like 6500 chassis can mds 9000 series is also the same ? which will be compatible for future growing ?? gbps modules and sup blades? I appreciate for the answers for this small brain...


Re: MDS 9000 storage solutions future upgrade compatability


I guess it will depend on where the technology will go itself...

There are new things such as FCoE which may take over (I hope!) from traditional fibre channel.

I think 10GbE and 100GbE will outpace fibre channel.

As far as compatibility of the switches going forward, i'm sure any advancements will continue to be added to the line.

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Re: MDS 9000 storage solutions future upgrade compatability

I suggest you talk to your Cisco SE (and get him to buy you a coffee) as this can get complicated.

The MDS 9513 (and only it) will have some major bandwidth changes next year that could be able to accomodate 16 Gpbs in the future. To be honest, it does not make much of a difference anyway unless you listen to Brocade where speed is everything and features are rare.

We are heavy blade users with VMware and I don't see throughput more than 2 Gpbs per port during normal use. Good planing and some new features in NX-OS will also help to achieve almost anything.

Who knows what the Nexus will be capable of in 3 years time.

I am by no means an expert. Inch is..

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