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MDS 9124


We have 4 x MDS 9124 switches and want to "pair" them to create 2 48 port clusters (apologies if this is not the right terminology).

Can I just use a single port (or multiple ports) to link them together and do I need a license upgrade ?



Cisco Employee

MDS 9124

Hi Scott,

Could you clarify to me more _why_ you want to do this? What kind of storage and host devices do you wish to interconnect and to what end? What kind of application would be running on this?

I'll try and help you already with a bit of background:

If you connect 2 or more MDS switches, they'll form what is called a Fabric. All devices on the fabric can theoretically connect to each other if you Zone them together. The Fabric itself figures out if for 2 devices that are zoned together but are on different switches which path should be taken.

There's a lot more to this, like setting up the ports that interconnect the switches correctly (we call them ISLs and the ports are E-ports), Zoning was already touched, and there's also VSANs (totally like VLANs, but completely different)

Most best practices for building SANs will also recommend something called Dual Fabric, I think this is what you're trying to accomplish too.  The idea is to get redundancy, instead of 1 fabric, you'll build 2, the second one identical to the first one and have all devices (storage and hosts)  connect to both of them.  The host will have to use some intelligent multipathing software to get things going in parallel though.



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