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MDS 9148 Reverse Airflow

Hi guys,

We're looking to hang some MDS 9148's of our Nexus 5k's in order to increase our native FC port count in order to move off our existing Brocade FC SAN. This is all well and good, however I have since discovered that the airflow is fron Power to Ports (back to front). My issue is that our data centre uses hot aisle containment, as a result, the airflow direction will mean the switch will be sucking in air from the hot aisle and spewing the exhaust into our cold aisle.

There doesn't appear to be a reverse airflow kit for the 9148's similar to the Nexus 2k and 5k switches which I find a bit strange. What I find even stranger is that the 9124's have airflow in the other direction as well. Can anyone please confirm the fact that we're not able to reverse the airflow on 9148's. That being said, does anyone with a hot aisle containment datacentre run 9148's? If so, how do you go about ducting cold air to the intakes of these switches? I can't seem to find anything that will work so any assistance would be appreciated.

Hot air blowing into the cold aisle is something we could probably deal with, however sucking in hot air probably isn't given the temp in there is aroudn 37 degrees. If there's no ready-made type of ducting, I guess our only option will be to get one fabricated somehow which seems a bit crazy.

Thanks in advance,


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Yes I know, it was 3 years

Yes I know, it was 3 years ago... But did you find a solution for this issue? I'm stuck with the same problem.

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