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MDS 9216 with no OS on it, need help


We just received a 9216 as a replacement for our existing 9216 having trouble and it does not have any SANOS image on it, boots in monitor mode. any documentation would be highly appreciated, also how can i access the gui one i have loaded the OS and give it a management address?

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Re: MDS 9216 with no OS on it, need help

Following is an older sample config on how to recover the SAN-OS. Once it it up & running, all you have to do is point your web browser to the IP address of the mgmt interface and then select Fabric manager and it will install. The FM/DM package is available from the download section of the Cisco website as well.

1.) At the loader prompt, add ip address and default gateway. And then get a kickstart image into memory

Loader>ip address

Loader> ip default-gateway

Loader> boot tftp://

2.) It will boot up to a (boot) prompt. So now get a regular image onto bootflash and boot it.

Switch(boot)# config t

Switch(boot)(config)# interface mgmt 0

Switch(boot)(config-mgmt0)# ip address

Switch(boot)(config-mgmt0)# no shut

Switch(boot)(config-mgmt0)# exit

Switch(boot)(config)# ip default-gateway

Switch(boot)(config)# exit

Switch(boot)# copy tftp:m9500-sf1ek9-mzg. bootflash:m9500-sf1ek9-mzg.

Switch(boot)# load bootflash:m9500-sf1ek9-mzg.

3.) The switch should come up in normal mode and you will be able to login. But you need to set the boot variables at this time. First get the kickstart image onto bootflash.

Switch# copy tftp:// bootflash:///m9500-sf1ek9-kickstart-mzg.

Switch# config t

Switch(config)# boot kickstart bootflash: m9500-sf1ek9-kickstart-mzg.

Switch(config)# exit

Switch# copy running-config startup-config

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Re: MDS 9216 with no OS on it, need help


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