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MDS 9222i FCIP Testing


does the 9222i need any special configuration to allow the attachment of an external FC testing device? The switch fabric consists of two 9222i connected via FCIP (IP part has low latencies, data center switch environment). We attach one port of the test device to one 9222i, the other port to the other one. Then we send traffic form one port to the other one and use the loopback function in the test device to send the traffic back.

When sending traffic from the test device we see that the MDS switch does not send any traffic across the FCIP link and the test device receives frames with ABTS (0x81) in the R_CTL field of the header on the sending port.We seem to have a working configuration since FLOGI and N-Login works on the test device and we see the WWN and FCID in the switches and on the test device.

The same FCIP connection works perfectly for servers and storage.

Does anybody have an idea where to dig in more deeply to solve this issue?



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