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MDS alert definations and clarification


I am responsible for looking after a Storage area network made up of a range of MDS9506, MDS9509 and MDS9513 switches. We use a snmp trap monitoring tool to gather and handle alert messages.

I want to make these messages more meaningful.

Is there a way of automatically diciphering the following message type to show which port has been effected

alizing(10):Unknown event, Original Message: piData NULL | piSNMP2.9 |
time = 2009-12-31 12:00:40 | hosts = IPADDRESS [IPADDRESS] |
Command = TRAP, SNMP v1, community besprod | oid =
CISCO-FCS-MIB::fcsNotification | trapType = Enterprise Specific |
Object_id = CISCO-FCS-MIB::fcsMgmtAddrChangeNotify | Uptime = 1:0:40 |
CISCO-FCS-MIB::fcsMgmtAddrChangeVsanIndex.0 = 3501 |
CISCO-FCS-MIB::fcsMgmtAddrChangeIeName.0 = Hex- 2D AD 00 0D 28 3E A2 C1

I believe the number 21053440 when fed through a MIb walker will return the port address in the form 6/1. I want  to be able to populate a table out side the switches which can act as a reference for this transalation so that I can have the alert management refer to this and chnage the message to a better form

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