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New Member

MDS9509: show tech-support write error

I have a mds9509 and when attempting to redirect the output of the "show tech-support" command to either ftp or a local file on the switch, I receive the error: "Write error: No space left on the device".

Bootflash and system resources all look fine:

MDS9509a# show tech-support > ftp: mds9509a_051407.txt

Write error: No space left on the device

PXDC-MDS9509a# dir bootflash:

12288 Dec 31 16:01:02 1979 lost+found/

14700544 Jan 17 10:15:23 2007 m9500-sf1ek9-kickstart-mz.3.0.2a.bin

67051932 Jan 17 10:16:23 2007 m9500-sf1ek9-mz.3.0.2a.bin

0 Apr 26 21:25:33 2006 sec_perm

Usage for bootflash://sup-local

95830016 bytes used

88729600 bytes free

184559616 bytes total

MDS9509a# show system resources

Load average: 1 minute: 0.07 5 minutes: 0.05 15 minutes: 0.01

Processes : 134 total, 1 running

CPU states : 0.0% user, 0.0% kernel, 100.0% idle

Memory usage: 1028604K total, 731984K used, 296620K free

5780K buffers, 42003K cache

MDS9509a# show system internal flash

Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/root 204800 39620 165180 20% /

proc 0 0 0 - /proc

none 409600 111080 298520 28% /isan

none 153600 10028 143572 7% /var/sysmgr

none 204800 104128 100672 51% /var/sysmgr/ftp

none 102400 7916 94484 8% /dev/shm

none 20480 14008 6472 69% /volatile

none 2048 20 2028 1% /debug

none 20480 2640 17840 13% /var/sysmgr/startup-cfg

devpts 0 0 0 - /dev/pts

/dev/hd-pss 20077 1698 17343 9% /mnt/pss

/dev/hd-bootflash 180234 84279 86650 50% /bootflash

180234 84279 86650 50% /bootflash_sup-remote

185683 4937 171159 3% /modflash_4-1

Any ideas? I can run the show tech-support from Fabric Manager to my ftp server without any problems.




Re: MDS9509: show tech-support write error

One thing to keep in mind, is that when you run a command through Fabric Manager, it is executed VIA snmp. When you run a command through the CLI it is executed through the command shell.

I was able to replicate what I believe is your problem in the lab by filling up the volatile partition, then running a command that writes to it (show tech).

Delete the some unused files out of your volatile partition, make sure the space is reclaimed, then run your command. You should be fine.

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New Member

Re: MDS9509: show tech-support write error

Thanks, that was exactly the issue. Once I cleared the volatile directory (there was an old show tech-support that I stored locally) that resolved the problem.


Re: MDS9509: show tech-support write error

Hi Aran,

The "Write error: No space left on the device" is due to the /volatile area being insufficient size to store the show tech output. We put it in /volatile before it is ftp'd off the MDS. As of 3.1(3) we increased the /volatile size to 40MB which should prevent the error.

It works from FM because FM does not rely on /volatile. FM does a CLI login behind the scene and screen scrapes the show tech output from the telnet data stream.


Sydney TAC

New Member

Re: MDS9509: show tech-support write error

Thanks for the extra information on the issue. I appreciate the answer.