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Meshing a 9216 and a McData Switch

I am adding a 9216 to a McData fabric. The current McData switch is softzoned, but I will be working offline so all zoning will be disabled. I read the white paper and the only thing that reallly jumped out was making sure the domain id was in a proper range.

Outside of making sure the domain id is within range ~100. What other issues are there about meshing the two networks? Will I be able to start creating VSANs immediatly or do I need to make further changes. Are there any firmware incompatibility issue (both will be upgraded to the latest revision)? Are there bumps I need to know before I do this outside of what was in the white paper.

Thanks for any and all help/advice!

Cisco Employee

Re: Meshing a 9216 and a McData Switch

Actually, the domain IDs for the vsan that is in interop4 mode should be in the 1-31 range and not conflicting with the MCDatas. Zoning must be done by domain,port or PWWN. Here are some concepts.

* The SWWN of the Cisco switch's vsan must be modified to include the McData OUI

* The domain ID's that exist in the fabric (McData & Cisco) must be in the range of 1-31

* The FCID's will actually be in the 96-127 range. This is because the domain ID's are seen as 1-31 but actually have a base of 96. So, the domain ID is really 96+domain_ID but seen as just domain

* FC4 features are not distributed

* PWWN and/or domain,port based zoning is supported

* Default zoning policy changes are distributed

* If the mode4 VSAN is in the IVR topology, then the virtual domains will be in the range of 96-127

Suspend the vsan and configure the OUI to be in the 08:00:88.

MDS-9216a(config)# vsan data

MDS-9216a(config-vsan-db)# vsan 100 suspend

MDS-9216a(config-vsan-db)# vsan 100 interop 4

MDS-9216a(config-vsan-db)# vsan 100 interface fc1/1 - 2

MDS-9216a(config-vsan-db)# exit

MDS-9216a(config)# wwn vsan 100 vsan-wwn 20:64:08:00:88:0d:5f:81

Verify the VSAN 100 SWWN is using the 08:00:88 OUI

MDS-9216a(config)# do show wwn all-user-configured

vsan wwn configured by user

---- ----------------------

100 20:64:08:00:88:0d:5f:81

Un-suspend the VSAN and check status

MDS-9216a(config)# vsan data

MDS-9216a(config-vsan-db)# no vsan 100 suspend

MDS-9216a(config-vsan-db)# do show vsan 100

vsan 100 information

name:VSAN0100 state:active

interoperability mode:4


operational state:up

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