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Monitoring MDS Perf. through snmp


We are using MUNIN to monitor the performance and env. parameters of out equipment.

We want to add a graph monitoring the throughput on the ISLs ebtween our CISCO MDS switches.

I used the IfInOctets and IfOutOctest which are 32bit counters.

The graph is working fine when ther throughput is week, but if the traffic on the ISLs raises, the grapph are not usable.

In my opinion the problems comes as the 32bit counter can only hold up to 4Gb of data. On full speed of the ISL (2Gbps ~ 200MBps) only 21 seconds of data will be in the counter before the counter overflows.

MUNIN should handle counter overflows, but I think as MUNIN is polling only every 5 minutes for new data, more than 1 counter over flow occures in that period.

In order to get valuable data, we need a larger buffer. 64 bit counters IfHCInOctets ( and IfHCOutOctest ( are defined by the IF-MIB but these are empty on the MDS switches. Why?

Can someone help me on this issue



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