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Moving a MDS9509 10 feet

I am working on a project to move a MDS 9509 switch running version 3.0(2a). The switch is the primary of a redundant pair. We are making room for SAN expansion. I just wanted some advise on the move. So far I have completed the following:

wr mem

copy runn

map ports to servers (spreadsheet)

map ports to SAN (spreadsheet)

My basic project calls for:

wr mem

power down

remove fiber connections

move sw

power up


What am I missing?


Re: Moving a MDS9509 10 feet

Biggest risk is you introduce new cables that have not been tested and turn out to be poor quality. Bit errors can easily lead to FC link failure or slow performance. Make sure you use known good working fiber cables in the location. Resuse existing cables if you can. If not, clearly mark any brand new cables, just in case you have an issue you can see if it coincides with the new cables.

Re: Moving a MDS9509 10 feet

You need to edit your list also.

Write mem is depricated, use copy run start.

Also, assuming this is an A / B fabric you need to ensure that you quiese the fabric you are moving first before shutting anything down. This will ensure the least possible disruption in your move.

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