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N5K to EMC VNX5400 and N5K to FI6248

I have been having issue with my setup. When we went through the pre-sales engineering we explained to the engineer that our intent was to have a hybrid setup where I will be running native FC from the N5K to both the FI and VNX. I have been trying to this working for days now. The only way I can get it to work is by disabling NPV on the N5K. When I do that I can't get connections to both devices up and running.

If I leave it as NPV enabled the N5K does not link up the FI and VNX. In NPV mode I only see three types of FC port modes; NP, F and SP.... In Switch mode I see three types of FC port modes; F, E and SP. Like I said, in switch mode the ports light up and I can flogi entires in my database.

Basically my VNX and FI don't see the N5K when the ports are set up as NP on the N5K. I believe I have the FCOE NPV PKG license. Should i have any other licenses in order to have this work as it was discussed during the pre-sales discussion?

I have read multiple PDFs from Cisco and EMC; VSPEX so I am at a loss at this point.

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N5K to EMC VNX5400 and N5K to FI6248

Hello Luis,

I assume you are planning to implement following topology.

FI <<--- FC or FCoE --> N5K <---FC-->> VNX san array

Please confirm your topology.

If yes, it is supported.

N5K should only be enabled with NPIV feature.


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N5K to EMC VNX5400 and N5K to FI6248

Thanks.  I worked it out. It turns out that the N5K needed to be in switchmode with NPIV feature enabled and the FIs needed to be in end host mode with all uplinks port to both the VNX5400 and FIs as F ports. I was stuck because my N5Ks were in NPV mode out of the box.

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