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New Member

New MDS 9124 in fabric


We have one fabric composed by three MDS 9124 switches, and now, we want to add a new 9124.

there is one principal switch with Domain id static (=100), one VSAN (100) and one zoneset activated. The other switches also have one VSAN (100), and domain is prefered (=0).

The zoneset is distributed from principal switch to other switches. The priority configured on all switches is 128, but running priority is 2 for principal switch.

No, we need to add a new switch in fabric. This new switch is also one MDS 9124. This switch has already configured the VSAN 100, and preferred domain 0. its configured priority is 129.

At the moment, interfaces (E type) between principal and new switch are shutdown. My questions are:

- When ports are activated, principal switch will replicate active zoneset to new switch or we have to apply "zoneset activate name Zoneset1 vsan 100" command.

- Are device-alias replicated too?

The "show zone analysis active vsan 100" shows Not-Available for Activated at and Activated by lines, can this gives me problems on distribution of active zoneset?


Cisco Employee

Re: New MDS 9124 in fabric

When the new switch joins the fabric, it will send in an MR (merge request) and the switch in the fabric will respond with MR. The MR from the new switch should be empty, while the MR from the fabric switch should contain the currently active zoneset. You will not have to reactivate the zoneset to get it pushed to the new switch.

Device aliases are not sent with the zoneset MR sequence. They are propagated by CFS, and as I recall, this is enabled by default.

On the command line, you can issue the command 'show cfs applicaiton' and look for Enabled for device alias. This should be the same on all switches in the fabric (original and new).

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: New MDS 9124 in fabric

I've checked device-alias CFS application is enabled.

Thanks for all.

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