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npiv enable command ?


is it disruptive for the Entire Fabric

when you enable npiv feature ?

do we need to first stop all servers attached to MDS ?

let me know




Re: npiv enable command ?

This is taken from the 3.X configuration guide -

"Configuring NPV

When you enable NPV, your system configuration is erased and the system is rebooted with NPV mode enabled. "

So this is a disruptive change. I would recommend quiesing either the A or B fabric, then affecting the changes on the downed fabric. Then bring your A fabric back online, and repeat with your B fabric. If you only have a single fabric, then you need a system wide down time.

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-- Colin McNamara

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Re: npiv enable command ?

Careful !

NPV mode and enabling NPIV are two different things.

NPV puts a switch / module into an Intelligent passthru mode, i.e. HBA's attached to some ports passed thru an NPV port and presented to a switch as an NPIV host.

Enabling NPIV on a switch or VSAN enables that switch to recognise the NPIV hosts being present thru an NPV port.

So Yes, enabling NPV mode on a switch is most certainly disruptive, as the entire way the switch works changes.

Enabling NPIV on a switch to allow connection of NPIV hosts is not as big Change.

i.e. the Switch remains a switch, but now knows how to handle NPIV.

I have just issued, 'con t', 'npiv enable' on my switch and it did not cause any disruption.

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