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NTP/CFS config on M9216i switches

NTP & CFS does not seem to be sync'ing time between 3 MDS9216i switches running 3.0(3). According to the documentation, all is setup properly, but all 3 switches have different time values.

The prefered switch is pointing to a Time Server throught through the mgmt int.

Anyone have experience testing NTP service?

Thanks, Craig

Cisco Employee

Re: NTP/CFS config on M9216i switches

It looks you could be hitting a known defect which is CSCsf21805. Please call TAC or have your OSM do so and ask for the workaround.

Community Member

Re: NTP/CFS config on M9216i switches

Earlier response was correct. You can verify if you're hitting this bug by doing a 'show ntp peer-status' and checking the local IP address. If NTP is bound to, you are experiencing the known bug.

Community Member

Re: NTP/CFS config on M9216i switches

I'm not experiencing this bug on 3.0(3). The NTP server that was being references was a Windows 2003 server running the native time service.

After talking with the Sys Admin, it was discovered that the time services only function as a client unless some registry changes are made for it to function as a server too.

With this change in place, the 9216s now have synchronized clocks.


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