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Passed the storage CCIE !!

I just got the email. Stephen, Yinglam, you guys should totally do it. With your practical knowledge you will rock it.

Colin McNamara

CCIE #18233

Community Member

Re: Passed the storage CCIE !!


Well done. With some luck, I will have a bunch of new MDS switches in the next month or two. Its been hard working in a Brocade shop for the last six months. So once I have them, I can start getting my hands dirty again which will give me more confidence to sit the exams. That's depending on whether I can do the lab in Sydney or my wife gets to see a space shuttle launch.

I hope you popped open a bottle of good bubbly for the occasion.


Re: Passed the storage CCIE !!

Thanks, I think that you will knock it out of the park. It is a good test of hands on knowlege, and the proctors or proctor (there is only one SAN proctor in RTP) are pretty cool guys.

Interesting tidbit - There is only one physical rack for SAN gear. It is located in RTP, all other locations (brussels right now) shell in remotely. I don't know if they are thinking about building a second rack in Syndney, but my gut feel says no.

I didn't do the bubbly.. but I think that a good portion of a Guinness keg, and a bit of Tequila got recycled that night.

I swear it took about three days for my stomach to get back to normal.


CCIE #18233

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