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Port-Channel binding on vfc interface

Hi there,

I am currently setting up a CNA / Nexus test configuration in a Blade Server chassis.

I am using a Fujitsu CEE switch in the chassis in between CNA and Nexus.

The FJ switch is connected to the Nexus via a port-channel with 8 member ports.

And here comes my problem. I normally bind physical interfaces to my vfcs

When I now try to bind the logical port-channel interface to my vfc it says this is only possible if the channel contains not more than one member port.

If this would work all my CNA WWPNs would be mapped to a single vfc interface.

What now?

I have 18 blades each equipped with one CNA . Means on both of my Nexus fabrics I have to configure 18 vfcs and bind the 36 WWPNs manually to them.

This is really kind of annoying.

Does anybody now if this will be fixed with a future firmware release or if there is any workaround available that makes life easier?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Cisco Employee

Re: Port-Channel binding on vfc interface

You will need to bind the MAC address of the servers to vFC since you cannot bind the same physical interface to multiple vFCs. I am not aware of any alternate upcoming solutions for this. I have seen many many customers do this with Nexus 4000's in IBM bladecenters which houses the servers.

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