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Precautions prior to reload the core switch of my fabrics


I recently bought Gen 4 8-Gbps FC advanced modules for my 9509. I've updated the 9509 to NX-OS 5.2(2). It is indicated in the release notes that after the update, the 9509 need to be reloaded in order to support the Gen 4 modules.

I have a 2 fabrics SAN with core/edge topology. Of course my 9509 are the core switches of my fabrics. They are running the lower priority (1) for every VSANs.

Here the fcdomain info of a VSAN (they have all the same configurations)


The local switch is the Principal Switch.

Local switch run time information:

       State: Stable

       Local switch WWN:   20:02:00:0d:ec:35:73:81

       Running fabric name: 20:02:00:0d:ec:35:73:81

       Running priority: 1

       Current domain ID: 0xe9(233)

Local switch configuration information:

       State: Enabled

       FCID persistence: Enabled

        Auto-reconfiguration: Disabled

       Contiguous-allocation: Disabled

       Configured fabric name: 20:01:00:05:30:00:28:df

       Optimize Mode: Disabled

       Configured priority: 1

       Configured domain ID: 0xe9(233) (preferred)

Principal switch run time information:

       Running priority: 1

Interface               Role         RCF-reject

----------------   -------------   ------------

port-channel 1     Downstream       Disabled

port-channel 2     Downstream       Disabled

----------------   -------------   ------------

Now, I'm not sure if they are other important points that need to be checked prior to the reload. I do guess that the FCID will not change after the reload and the switch will come back as principal also.

If other configurations need to be verified, feel free to tell me which one.

Thank you in advance.


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