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QOS policy for both the FCIP traffic and the other data/voice traffic.


I need to configure a QoS Policy for FCIP traffic going over 1GB circuits between three 6509's at three sites and then at each site at the core to distribution layer.

I am hoping that the QoS policy can allow the FCIP traffic the majority of the bandwidth at certain times of the day whilst data replication takes place (as is the desired business requirement), however when other applications/services come online the policy should allow for this traffic, e.g.voice, video, data,etc possibly rate limiting the fcip traffic so that it doesn't hog the bandwidth or having some sort of controlled bursting capability in the qos policy.

How would I mark the FCIP traffic and then set the dscp value and to what dscp value should fcip to set? If I set it to EF as in some documentation, what about the voice traffic?

I essentially need to plan a QOS policy for both the FCIP traffic and the other voice/video/data traffic over the 6500 Core and Distribution switches( all 6500's),

Any help would be much appreciated,

Many Thanks,


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Unfortunately it seems that

Unfortunately it seems that no one answers questions pertaining to FCIP and QOS here.

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