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Routing for IPS/iSCSI

So. I am starting to connect our IP blade to the network and setup iSCSI and have run into an question about IP routing.

I have connected 2 gige ports on 2 switches, and assigned each one an IP address.

I am planning on having a VRRP IP, and using iSLB.

The problem is that none of the examples in the docs, have you actually using more than one port on the IPS. They show using the 'ip route xxx' command but that only sets up a route for that interface. For example if I setup a route for ge1/1, then I can ping 1/1 from another subnet, but I can't ping ge1/2. If you try to setup the same route on the other interface its not allowed. can I do iSCSI load balancing across 2 ports on 2 9513's and provide the aggregate 4Gb/sec ethernet bandwidth via iSLB to iSCSI clients on another subnet?


Re: Routing for IPS/iSCSI

This is not on the IPS ports but rather on any FC attached device that registers itself as a target. We use the pwwn seen as the result of show scsi-target internal driver. If the storage has any kind of LUN security, this pwwn will need to be permited or our discovery process will fail due to it being denied.

Whenever an IPS or CSM blade is in an MDS, the MDS will login to storage just the same as a real initiator would. We send Inquiry, Report Luns, and read capacity to learn about the storage out on the SAN. This process is done when the storage device comes online or when manually initiated. However, with auto-poll, we will go thru the discovery process every X number of seconds that can be configured.

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