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SAN Device Manager port on Green X

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone explain me what is the meaning of green X on the SAN Device manager port 5? Please see details below image and cli command. I am not sure if the port is faulty or just wrong information by device manager.


SANCORE-1B# sh int fc1/5

fc1/5 is up

    Port description is SNCISQL01A HBA Slot 2

    Hardware is Fibre Channel, SFP is short wave laser w/o OFC (SN)

    Port WWN is 20:05:00:0d:ec:ba:9d:80

    Admin port mode is F, trunk mode is off

    snmp link state traps are enabled

    Port mode is F, FCID is 0x870200

    Port vsan is 2

    Speed is 4 Gbps

    Rate mode is dedicated

    Transmit B2B Credit is 3

    Receive B2B Credit is 16

    Receive data field Size is 2112

    Beacon is turned off

    5 minutes input rate 12683848 bits/sec, 1585481 bytes/sec, 1261 frames/sec

    5 minutes output rate 61312488 bits/sec, 7664061 bytes/sec, 4307 frames/sec

      30170465636 frames input, 50914835047204 bytes

        0 discards, 0 errors

        0 CRC,  0 unknown class

        0 too long, 0 too short

      85246711848 frames output, 159546341238872 bytes

        5 discards, 0 errors

      224 input OLS, 4 LRR, 42 NOS, 0 loop inits

      47 output OLS, 71 LRR, 186 NOS, 0 loop inits

      16 receive B2B credit remaining

      3 transmit B2B credit remaining

     3 low priority transmit B2B credit remaining

    Interface last changed at Mon Jul 22 15:14:06 2013

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New Member

SAN Device Manager port on Green X

  SAN Device manager green X on port 5 disapeared, we did not do anything (shut/unshut the port). Must be a bug.

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