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SAN Extension Design Query


I am in the process of having a seperate link (IP) installed between two of my Data Centre sites. The SAN is in one of them and I will be extending it (via FCIP) to the other once this big link is ready.

There will be a combination of SAN traffic and server 2 server traffic (for business continuity). No client/server traffic though (link will be on a different network).

I'm undecided as to connect both ends with a router (7000vxr series say) or L3 switch (3750G series).

I would rather like to do it with switches because of the performance benefits (not to mention costs).

Are there any hard and fast rules as to when to use one or the other.

thanks in advance



Re: SAN Extension Design Query

assuming you have a fast ethernet, or gigabit ethernet handoff from your services provider a 3750 will do just fine.

If you are getting an optical handoff .. well then you are going to have to use a router.

Lost of routing is actually done on layer 3 switches nowadays. There are times that you want to use a real router, such as terminating wan technologies such as t1, pri,ds3,ocX. Or when you are pulling full tables from your internet providers and need the additional memory.

3750's, and other switches are used quite extensively by providers for metro ethernet deployments, and other setups that may be similar to what you are putting in place.

In short, if you don't have to connect to wan technologies, and don't need full tables, then you should be comfortable putting a 3750G in place.


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Re: SAN Extension Design Query


thanks for the steer. My link is nothing more than an extended gig ethernet one.

The presentation will be optical (LC connection). I will have to purchase some more 3750G with SFP's.

your post has been very helpful


Re: SAN Extension Design Query

Any time.

Please feel free to use the ratings :)

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