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SN5420 Firmware / OS upgrade?


We're trying to get our SN5420's to operate with Win2K3 servers that have Adaptec and Intel TOE cards installed.

However, when the TOEs connect to the 5420, we get an "unsupported initiator version" error. Both companies advertise that their cards can work with the 5420. The problem lies in the fact that the SN5420's support the older IETF iSCSI drafts.

After contacting tech support for Adaptec, they replied with the following: "We tested our 1.0 and 1.1 driver with the 5420 using the version of firmware on the 5420." I was only able to find 2.1.2 in the software center, and cannot find a newer version. Can someone tell me if they have SN5420's working with Intel or Adaptec TOE's and where to find the latest version of code for them?


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Re: SN5420 Firmware / OS upgrade?

The SN5420's only support up to draft 8. I believe the

Adaptec is a Draft 20 and so is Intel's. Cisco never released a 3.1 for the SN5420. Adatptec may had been involved with Cisco on some development functions with their driver and Cisco but no production code to support Draft 20 drivers on the SN5420 were released. You will be required to use the Cisco iSCSI drivers that run Draft 8 to work with SN5420. SN5428 does support the draft 20 adaptec iSCSI drivers.

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