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SN5428-2 Brocade interoperability

I got 2 SN5428-2 on loan in order to try to interconnect two existing remote Brocade Fabrics via FCIP. I can only integrate the SN5428 into the Brocade Fabric if I enable interopmode on all Brocade switches. When this mode is enabled I can no more see any storage node from the hosts. Are there other parameter settings that would allow the different switches to interoperate without interopmode enabled.

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Re: SN5428-2 Brocade interoperability

If putting the Brocade into interop mode (which is required if you want to connect a Cisco SN5428-2) causes the Initiators to no longer see targets then why not use a pair of HP SR2122 switches for they do not require the Brocades to change modes.

The brocades should work in interop mode to allow host and storge to work, you may need to upgrade Brocades, you did not give me Model number of Brocades so I can not make a firmware recommendation, I would work with Brocade to resolve this or use HP SR's if you cannot make changes to Brocades.

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Re: SN5428-2 Brocade interoperability

Thanks for your response! I just discovered that when putting the Brocade switch in interopmode zoning seems to be mandatory. When I created the

proper zones the storage did show up.

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