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SN5428 and Zoning ????


I'am actually building a storage network with 2 SN5428, 1 IBM FastT500 and 4 servers. 2 servers serve as files servers (win 2000) and 2 serve to control the robots backup (AIX).

so do do that i need the zoning in the SN5428 (besause AIX must see all the disk of the FastT500 for the replication), and it's the case since the software release 2.3.1-K9, but i have some difficulties to parameters the zoning.

It seems that the zoning is on the all FC connector or none, but impossible to choose for witch FC individualy, and it's my problem.

-if i put the zoning on all the FC, my wink server discover all the discs of the FastT500 (even the 2 controllers) and it's a point of failure for my SAN (everybody whitch acces the servers can mount a device to store data)

-if the zoning is desactivated, my AIX can't see the discs and my servers 2k lost their lun.

so, i'am blocked and i don't know the solution

anybody can help me and tell me how i can configure the zoning for each FC (if it's possible with the version 2.3.1-K9) or how to cache the discs in my servers 2k???????

best regards



Re: SN5428 and Zoning ????

At the moment, you cannot define zoning on SN5428. You have to connect the SN5428 to another fabric by an E-port. Define zoning definition on another fabric. SN5428 will pick up zoning definition from the E-port. Please go to the URL below for details:

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Re: SN5428 and Zoning ????

thanks for your reply

in fact, my question was a false problem.

these switchs work very well and i had resolved my problems.

for information, the difficulties came with the veritas softwares on windows 2000

best regards


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