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SN5428 in [VxWorks Boot]:

My Switchis in [VxWorks Boot]: and I could not reach it.

How could i configure and activate the ethernet interface (i think it should be the management interface) to reach it again ?

I could not find any information on the [VxWorks Boot]: mode.


New Member

Re: SN5428 in [VxWorks Boot]:

So were you upgrading to 2.5 code and this occured? In 2.5 we are also loading new switch code and you may have a issue. Loss of the internal communications between the VxWorks and the Switch may happen when down grading from 2.5 back to 2.3. Cisco TAC has a method to find if your Internal ethernet link is set wrong so you may need to open a case. Are you still down?

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Re: SN5428 in [VxWorks Boot]:


the problem occurs when I tried to reload a new version. The switch is completly new and I dont have any IP configured. So I could not reach it at this time.

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Re: SN5428 in [VxWorks Boot]:

So the SN5428 is coming up in bootmode right? You can not telnet to it, right? You were upgrading from 2.X to 2.5, right? If the problem is tat the SN5428 is failing diags because it cannot see the FC switch then you will need to get console access to see if this can be fixed. You can email me at and I can send a method we can try to recover the switch. This is bug CSCdy66379

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