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Split VSans

We are planning to connect to existing MDS 9509s together. Each MDS 9509 already has two VSANS configured. We are planning to split the VSans one for each switch and configure each server connected to the storage with redundant links (one link to each switch in each VSan), the second switch have only one device connected with two fc interfaces in each VSan. We are planning to delete the second VSan from the first switch and delete the first VSan from the second switch but first we must connect the server connect in the second switch to the first switch. We need to do this task with no downtime on that server. Then we can manipulate the second swith with no problem.

Can you give me some help to connect the server in the first MDS switch?


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Re: Split VSans

There seems to be a few different parts here. I have some questions first.

1. You want to swing one HBA to the other switch?

2. You want to do this live?

3. What is the OS?

4. Do you have multipath software?

5. Is the storage system Active-Active or Active-Passive?

6. Are you sure your current paths provide the neccesary redudndancy?

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