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Strange FCIP Issue (# of connections)

Is anyone aware of the number of FCIP connections you can have on an MDS9513 with

Sup (Gen2) 3.2(2c)

14+2 (Gen1) 3.2(2c)

18+4 (Gen2) 3.2(2c)

We are in the process of replacing the 14+2 with the 18+4 - However it would seem I have encountered a strange restriction/failure when I come to configure the 18+4 GigE ports with the 14+2 GigE ports still configured (FCIP profiles, Tunnels etc) and Linecard installed (though admin down)

Though we have managed to configure at least 1 GigE Port on the 18+4 linecard, the issue is when trying to configure an additional FCIP channel on the 18+4. One side of the physical direct connected Pairing indicates as up and operational ie (GigE 5/1 to GigE 5/1). Its PEER FAILS to become Operational (Up) and continues to maintain in an Initialisation state and thus preventing a Tunnel to be created regardless of which GigE port is used. The following as been investigated:

•Change SFP - Fault still apparent

•Change Cable - Fault still apparent

•Change GigE Port pairing (ie 5/4<-->5/4) - Fault still apparent

•Investigate/Debug FCIP Profile for mis-configuration (ie PEER IP, passive mode, listening Port etc) - No mis-configuration found between pairing

•Investigate/Debug FCIP Interface for mis-configuration (ie PEER IP etc) - No mis-configuration found between pairing

•Licensing Checked - SAN_EXTN_OVER_IP_18_4 - Installed and in use on all switches

Since we have a dual Fabric Design - Fabric B exhibited the same symptoms with no additional configuration having been applied (ie no additional FCIP tunnels created), would seem to indicate at this moment in time that it maybe its a Gen1/Gen2 and/or Licensing issue.

The only thing left is to actually remove the 14+2 linecard.

Any thoughts?

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