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Switch is isolated from fabric...


I have one switch is isolated from my fabric,

I can see there are 3 vsan configured, 1, 1000 and 3500.

Once I executed the command :sh fcdomain domain-list vsan 1" or "vsan 1000" it shows all teh list of fabric in this vsan.

but on " sh fcdome domain-list vsan 3500" I have only my local switch, no other switch is showing in the list.

I checked the port-channel and found there were 2 port channel. and those are on.

All the ports of port channle is up

However, once I see the command of "sh int fc slot/port" I found the VSAN is isloated. (As given in 2nd last line of output)

Please help me how to get this VSAN up  in "Trunk vsans(up) list

fc3/1 is trunking (Not all VSANs UP on the trunk)

    Port description is ISL TO SWTCH350 Slot 3 Port  17

    Hardware is Fibre Channel, SFP is short wave laser w/o OFC (SN)

    Port WWN is 20:81:54:7f:ee:69:16:00

    Peer port WWN is 20:91:00:05:73:ae:88:00

    Admin port mode is E, trunk mode is on

    snmp link state traps are enabled

    Port mode is TE

    Port vsan is 1

    Speed is 8 Gbps

    Rate mode is dedicated

    Transmit B2B Credit is 500

    Receive B2B Credit is 500

    B2B State Change Number is 14

    Receive data field Size is 2112

    Beacon is turned off

    Belongs to port-channel 105

    Trunk vsans (admin allowed and active) (1,1000,3500)

    Trunk vsans (up)                       (1,1000)

    Trunk vsans (isolated)                 (3500)

    Trunk vsans (initializing)             ()

Please help me how to get this VSAN up  in "Trunk vsans(up) list


Cisco Employee

Switch is isolated from fabric...


Does the output of this command provide a reason for the isolation or segmenation?

show logging log | i 3500


show logging log | i 3500

Issue the command on both sides of the ISL.

Reason Codes for Nonoperational States




Switch is isolated from fabric...

is vsan 3500 configured on both switches but is not being trunked ? (check your port-channel to see what VSANs are being trunked)


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