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Unable to launch DCNM-SAN from DCNM Web gui (6.2.3)


Cisco DCNM 6.2.3  with Oracle Express 11.2 has been installed (3 times) on a Windows 2008(64 bit) R2 Enterprise edition.

Installation completing without any errors, however, running into the below 2 issues when launching DCNM-SAN.

1) On the DCNM server, window services show the Cisco DCNM services as "started" but without restarting  service manually, giving an error "Unable to connect to DCNM-SAN Server", if I restart DCNM-service (ex: after rebooting windows server for patching etc..) it works fine.

Question: Why DCNM service has to be manually restarted after system reboots, even though the service is set to automatic and showing as started ?

2) When launching DCNM-SAN from remote through portal (ex: https://dcnm-san-server:443/  its gving jboss(?) error " org.jnp.interfaces.namingcontextfactory".

Attached the screenshot of org.jnp err., any suggestions please ?


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Re: Unable to launch DCNM-SAN from DCNM Web gui (6.2.3)

Please open tac case, we need to track it as bug when validated.

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Same issue here, is there an

Same issue here, is there an update?


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Cisco tac case was opened, it

Cisco tac case was opened, it was found that java  1.7.0  is not supported, looks like Cisco only tested Java versions 1.6.0_31 & 1.7.0_17. Tested with 1.6.0_31, works fine but we keep updating Java so it broke again.

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I am using same DCNM server

I am using same DCNM server version as yours.

I tested that using java 1.7.0_51 is fine for DCNM-SAN client but not DCNM-LAN client (the GUI will be stalled).

And when the login prompt does not pop up, I tried adding the DCNM server address to the configure java > security > edit site list ...

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