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Unsegmenting VSANs

Due to a configuration error we were connected to a duplicate VSAN 1000

this has caused our vsans to become segmented - we cannot seem to unsegment them.

We have tried rebooting deactivating and re-activating the zoneset.

But still the 9134 has those VSANs segmented.

Can anyone help with this one

Cisco Employee

Re: Unsegmenting VSANs

There are number of reasons that a VSAN will become segmented. From what you have reported, I would venture to guess that you have a 'zone merge failure'. When a VSAN tries to activate over an ISL or a trunk port, it will try to merge the zonesets active on each segment of the VSAN, into one single zoneset for the merged VSAN. One reason that would cause a zone merge failure is that the same zone name is in use in each segment, but not containing the exact same members. IE: zone name HOST-A-DISK-B has pwwn 111 and 222 in one segment, while the zone name HOST-A-DISK-B has pwwn 111 and 333 in the other segment.

If you issue the command 'show port x/y internal info' for the ISL or TE port that is isolated, it should tell you the cause of the VSAN segmentation.

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