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Upgrading Cisco MDS9509 Director

Hi, i need to upgrade multiple MDS9509's. I just wander if san-connections will be dropped (or interupted) while doing the upgrade. We have 2 supervisor modules in each 9509, but i don't know if there is a disconnection when active & standby sup change their role.

tx for any advise


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Re: Upgrading Cisco MDS9509 Director

One supervisor gets upgraded at a time and so you won't see any interruptions. Make sure to check the free space on Bootflash: so that you can copy the new firmware over.

As a precaution you should make sure all your hosts are dual attached, just for best practise.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Upgrading Cisco MDS9509 Director

All iSCSI and FCIP interfaces will reboot causing a disruption to those connections/services.

All FC interfaces/modules will upgrade without interruption.


Re: Upgrading Cisco MDS9509 Director


You will have to be quite careful, depending on what versions you are upgrading from->to because there could be epld firmware required to be upgraded on the various line cards which will cause a disruption in some cases.

Before any upgrade you should ensure that all hosts are dual pathed and multipathing software is configured appropriately on the hosts to allow for a single path outage.



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Re: Upgrading Cisco MDS9509 Director


My recommendation would be to check the Cisco release notes for whatever version you are going to. It should list any disruptions you may encounter including those for GigE, SSM, or other related issues. I'd also check through the known caveats section as there are a variety of 3.x bugs that can cause what appears to be nondisruptive upgrades to be disruptive to the entire switches or some modules.

Thank you.

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Re: Upgrading Cisco MDS9509 Director

Run this command before you upgrade to check the modules are of good health:

"show system health stat"

If you see any errors or fails, open a case with your supplier or Cisco if you have a Cisco contract

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Re: Upgrading Cisco MDS9509 Director

There is a good chance of disruption if you are moving from 3.0 upward. There is a workaround listed in the caveats that a prior posted, which basically is you creating a channel group then deleting it...but check the details in depth before you do it.

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