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VSAN shows suspended but its active



MDS2# show run
version 3.3(4a)
vsan database
  vsan 1 suspend
  vsan 2 name "TE"
  vsan 10 name "RED" loadbalancing src-dst-id
  vsan 20 name "BLUE"
  vsan 30 name "GREEN" loadbalancing src-dst-id
  vsan 40 name "YELLOW"
  vsan 60 name "MCDATA" suspend interop 4


MDS2# show vsan 60
vsan 60 information
         name:MCDATA  state:active
         interoperability mode:4
         operational state:up

MDS2#  show int fc1/6
fc1/6 is up
    Hardware is Fibre Channel, SFP is short wave laser w/o OFC (SN)
    Port WWN is 20:06:00:0d:ec:0f:8c:80
    Peer port WWN is 20:06:08:00:88:30:01:8a
    Admin port mode is E, trunk mode is on
    snmp link state traps are enabled
    Port mode is E
    Port vsan is 60

Anyone know what to make of this? I see no bugs about this, but I don't like how it shows the "suspend" in the "Show runn" yet the VSAN is clearly active.  Anyone ever see this?

New Member

Re: VSAN shows suspended but its active

Is it because the Vsan is being used in Inertop mode between a McData switch and the Cisco switch? Would the McData switch know about Vsan's? Might show as Suspened but that's becuase of the mode it is running in. What does McData (Brocade) say about using Vsan's between switches?

New Member

Re: VSAN shows suspended but its active


McDATA and Brocade are unaware of VSAN's.  That does not stop the MDS from running VSAN's however.  A VSAN in interop mode can be active or suspended just as any other VSAN can.  My issue is that the running-config shows as suspended when its clearly not, and I believe this may be a bug.

McData and Brocade really don't comment on VSAN's as its not something they supported (until recently on the DCX platform).  A McData or Brocade really has no way of knowing that its talking to a virtualized fabric vs. a physical fabric.


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