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Wide Area Application Engine-Newbie Questions

Hello everyone,

I have a customer that was looking at being able to house about 2 TB of data centrally as opposed to remotely as it is now. I was looking at the WAE-7326 and had a few questions.

1) Do you really get LAN-like performance at the remote site or is that marketing hype?

2)How does the unit protect against a drive failure? It does not seem to be capable of RAID 5

3) The WAE would reside at the remote site and replicate data that is housed at the cetral site correct?

4) For the sake of speed would it be possible to first hook the WAE up on the local LAN, replicate the data and then take it to the remote site or am I so far off-base on the use I might as well let me 3 year old son type the question?

Thanks in advance! All replies rated

Cisco Employee

Re: Wide Area Application Engine-Newbie Questions

1.) Yes, the WAE really does speed things up to LAN speeds. For non-replicated traffic (only a CIFS share can be replicated) the WAE learns and caches data flowing thru it and builds it's cache to service client requests. The TCP optimization really does make full use of the protocol and the LZ compression saves alot of bytes going across the WAN.

2.) There is RAID1 in the box for the cache

3.) Minimum is you need one at core site, 1 at remote site and 1 manager

4.) The replication for a CIFS share can be scheduled for the middle of the night so it is not imperative that it be done locally and then sent remote.


I think that you might think that this is a backup strategy and it is not. The WAAS product accelerates TCP and caches data. It is not a product to copy and store a dataset remotely. The replication occurs to pull into cache a windows shared location and then answer client requests from that cache rather than go over the WAN.

Re: Wide Area Application Engine-Newbie Questions

Many thanks for the respone. I was not looking at as as a backup strategy but in a way it contributes to the backup strategy by allowing the customer to move the data from the remote site to the central site so that it can be more easily backed up.

You answer brings up another question. The other appliance being looked at is made by Riverbed. The say their product does Wide Area File Services, WAN optimization and Application Acceleration for all TCP traffic. Is this more, less or the same as the WAE?

Many thanks for your help!

Cisco Employee

Re: Wide Area Application Engine-Newbie Questions


1. Yes, performance is similar to that of a local file server.

2. WAAS 4.0 supports RAID-1. If you have multiple hard drives in the WAE, they will automatically be configured for RAID-1.

3. A WAE resides on both sides are the WAN -- at the remote site and in the Data Center.

4. How are you planning to migrate the data?


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