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With or Without San-Port-Channel


I have a small SAN Fabric composed of 2 NX5596 adn on NX5548 configured with FC Swiching.Fabric_SWSANUNIDCT02.jpg

Each Switch is connected with a pair of 2 FC 8Gbps with each other Switch configured as ISL Trunk.

Without San-Port-Channel configured configured everything is working fine, also in the case where only one link between 2 Switches FC is going down.

This failure is e.g. fully transparent with IOMETER and File Explorer.

Instead as I aggregate the pair of ISL Link bwetween 2 Swithces FC within a San-Port-Channel, a failure of Link in the channel issue a timeout with IOMETER for approx. 30-55 secondes and the File explorer may be (Not responding) for a few secondes.

I did the tests with and without IOD, but with almost the same result.

I also did the test with 2 LoadBalancing Type : srcId/DestId/OxId and srcId/DestID and also with almost the same result.

I always though the configuration WITH San-Port-Channel would have better behavior in failure condition as a configuration WITHOUT San-Port-Channel.

Is there something specific to configure within the San-Port-Channel to improve its performance?

Kind regards


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