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Cisco Support Community Endorse Program

Endorsed-Icon-Blue-100x100.pngI'm pleased to announce the launch of the Cisco Endorsed Program. You have been selected as an Expert Contributor based on your 2012 participation and expertise. You will now be able to endorse any discussion reply (other than your own) within the Cisco Support Community.

Anytime you Endorse a reply, it will award the author 5 points and be marked with an endorsed icon along with your user ID. However, when you endorse a reply, you will no longer be able to rate it since you have already given it a 5 rating by endorsing it.

That reply will also be paired with the question just as the current Q&A pairing. On the discussion level pages, the Endorsed icon will appear indicating to other users there is a response within the discussion that is of high-value. CSC users will also be able to filter content based on endorsement.

Why Endorse Content:

  • Brings a higher level of credibility to content
  • Makes quality answers more visible
  • Helps reduce those pesky repetitive questions
  • Allows other members to have a greater sense of recognition knowing a Cisco employee found their content valuable
  • Showcases your expertise by not only creating responses, but also identifying other high value content

How to Endorse Content:

If you have endorsement capabilities, the following button will appear on all threads but your own:

If you feel the reply is excellent or the author simply didn’t mark the response as answered, click on the button which will endorse, and award the reply 5 pts:

There are numerous ways all CSC users can find endorsed content:

Message Level as well as Q&E pairing:

Search Filters:

As the program evolves expect more to come! If you have any questions or comments please let me know.


Dan Bruhn
CSC Team

Cisco Employee

Hey Dan,

I love the Idea, let me know how I can help.



Cisco Employee

Dear Dan

Its a great idea!!!



Hi Jaime,

You should now see a button on all responses other than your own that says "Cisco Endorse".  If you click that button it will endorse the content and associate your name with it.  In this docuemnt you can see screen shots of what it looks like.  If you don't currently see the endorse button or have any questions let me know.


Cisco Employee

Awesome idea Dan! I just tested it out and works great. Great way to find valuable information and be able to award those who have answered but have not received the credit by the author of the original post. Great work!

Hi Dan Bruhn,

Yes, it's a good idea to keep endorsing the valuable Answers, for which sometimes there is no proper rating's provided by the Discussions owners. I can also endrose now :-) and thanks for providing this option.



Cisco Employee

Thanks Dan, love the idea!




Thank you Dan for this enhancement.

I have one query on this.

Will the endorsed answer be 1st to come in internet search for the similar problem. Do we have any kind of mechanism to make it appear 1st in search results.


Ronak Patel

Cisco Employee

Great idea, Dan!



Cisco Employee

Hey Dan,

I endorse your idea!


Cisco Employee

Thumbs up, great idea!

/Magnus Ohm

Cisco Employee

Yes I could see it now, was really looking for one. Thanks Dan!



Cisco Employee

This is a nice start I would say to make content more useful which seems randomly scattered now. I am sure this Idea should also be intergrated to search side, when user can search for issues and will find Cisco Endorsed solutions.




Very nice idea!! Thanks for counting on us

I really admire your innovation, keep it up!!




Agree, this will make everything better....

Good job,


Julio Carvajal

Cisco Employee

This is cool stuff, Dan.  It will help us highlight some of the great contributions by our users.

Hi Ronak,

This is something we investigated but Jive search does not allow us to push "endorsed" content to the top of results.  However, users can sort by endorsements and with the additional pageviews it will likely receive the discussion will naturally bubble to the top of search results.



thanks Dan for the information