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Cisco Support Community - Frequently Asked Questions





What is Cisco Support Community?


The new Cisco Support Community (CSC) is a dynamic knowledge base where you can collaborate, create and quickly access the latest technical support content (e.g., white papers, best practices, troubleshooting guides and TAC case collection). Here you can solve real-world issues regarding your Cisco products and software in real time, on a highly secure enterprise platform.


The open content model enables anyone to view content and submit feedback. As a registered user, you can not only view but edit, comment upon and create content. This includes uploading graphics and image files.

Feature Overview


Our goal is to make the Cisco Support Community your primary resource for sharing support questions and answers.

Here you can:


  • Easily locate content, people and information
  • Create collaborative documents with a robust text-editor
  • Create and participate in discussions forums
  • Optimize search results
  • Report content as inappropriate
  • Invite others to join the Cisco Support Community
  • View top contributors, rate content and comment on documents
  • Track content changes using RSS feeds and email notifications
  • Use “Bookmarking” to track key discussions and content
  • Add people to your “Connection” using a “Friend” feature
  • Set status updates to let others know what you’re up to
  • View and save a document as a PDF or send it as an email



FAQs for migrating from Cisco Support Wiki


What has changed?


These terms have changed:


  • Namespace is now Community
  • Category is now Tag
  • Article is now Documents
  • History is now Version
  • Discussion page is now Comments
  • Recent Changes is now Recent Activity



How do I log in to new CSC?

Simply click on the "Log in" link at the top right hand corner and enter your username and password. To continue you must accept the new “Agreement.
Your profile information will automatically populate. Upon login you'll have more fields that you can update.



What types of content can I create in the Cisco Support Community?

You can create documents, upload images and add comments to existing documents.

You may also add links, emoticons, embed images and insert tables.




How can I find content I created in the Cisco Support Wiki?

Go to your profile. All your published documents will be listed under the “Your Stuff” tab.

Note: Since only the latest edition from the Wiki is migrated, you may not be able to track old changes. However, you can see the names of people who previously contributed to the document.



What will happen to my saved bookmarks from the Cisco Support Wiki? Do I need to change my old bookmarks?

You need to manually update all your old bookmarks. Cisco Support Wiki will redirect you to the new site’s home page.



How can I find content that are not migrated?

For details, please refer to "List of documents from Cisco Support Wiki that are NOT in Cisco Support Community"



What are tags and tag groups?

People assign tags (formerly "category") to content. You can use the tags to locate the content you want.
Tag groups are a collection of related keywords. Clicking a tag group lets you see all the content related to those keywords.



What is WYSIWYG editor?

The WYSIWYG (What You See IS What You Get) editor in the toolbar lets you format the content. As you create a document the interface allows you to view something very close to the end result.



What is a Widget?

A widget is a part of a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays information or provides a specific way for you to quickly interact with the CSC. Widgets may be icons, pull-down menus, buttons, selection boxes, progress indicators, on-off checkmarks, forms, or other devices.



How do I give you feedback?

Click on “Feedback” located at the top of the site page. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.



FAQ for Discussion Forum Users



How ratings in Discussion work?


For more information, please refer How Discussion Ratings Work

What is Branch Message option?

Branching messages into a new thread allows you to split off irrelevant or off-thread messages into a new line of conversation. Use the form below to enter a subject for the new thread then click "Branch to New Thread" to create the new thread.


What is "Ask the Expert" event?

Cisco experts engage in discussions with you, our members, on specific networking issues. Each event runs for a two-week period.

What is "CSC Experts"

It displays the Discussion Forum Leaderboard members with the highest point totals across all discussion forums at the Cisco Support Community.



How do I download MARS Packet sharing discussions containg attachment with extension of "tar.gz"?




When I try to open the attachment "tar.gz" using Winzip, I get the following error message "Error reading Header after processing 0 entries".



A: These files cannot simply be downloaded and opened using WinZip. To download please follow these steps:


Step 1: Click on the "<filename>.tar.gz" under Attachments



Step 2: Click on "Open".



Step 3: Click on "Yes".



Step 4: Open the .zip file.



Step 5: Extract the <filename>.xml to the local folder.






For further questions, please contact


For more information, please refer the following documents:



Thank you for joining the new Cisco Support Community!

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