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Cisco Support Community Mobile FAQs




Cisco Support Community offers a mobile version of its website, designed to help our users to search for information also when you are away from your desktop PC. You can be using most mobile devices, such as a cell phone or a PDA.


Using the Cisco Support Community mobile site, you can search all of our public support communities.


The content you will find is the same as that found on our public website, but optimized for small-screen displays on mobile devices.


To access the site, go to using any mobile device equipped with an internet connection.


General FAQs (iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry10)

Why can I not download the Android App?

The App is downloadable for 2.3 and above version of Android.


Why can I not log in to the App?

Use your CCO ID to login (Use username only and not the email address).

If you do not have one, use the “Register” button available in the Login page to create a CCO ID on


Which languages are supported for the app?

While the apps are available globally at this time English is only supported.


Why can I not view communities / discussions / leaderboards?

Verify that you have internet connection and try to restart the application

Log into the mobile app using your credentials – if the user is successful, they can log out of the app if desired.

Note: Cisco Support Communities is not currently supported on BlackBerry10 devices.


Why am I not able to attach / view multiple attachments in Android App?

App currently CTS Android does not support attaching or viewing multiple attachments in a discussion.

The Attachment size should be less than or equal to 5 MB to be viewed in the device.


Why can I not view any documents from my iPhone/iPad App?

Documents are not available in this release of the iPhone/iPad App


Why am I not able to rate my reply?

One cannot rate his own reply.


Why does the Android app look different from the iPhone app?

The Android app was designed from the ground up with lessons learned from our existing apps, we tailored the Android app to improve the user experience on Android devices.


What happened to my Hall of Fame/VIP badge?

Hall of Fame and VIP badges are not available in the current version of the Apps


Where can I find additional Cisco Support Community help resources?

You can view the support community help files online at or send an email to Escalate issues to

Cisco Technical Services iPhone Quick Guide PDF


Why can I not access Manage Cases after I have logged in?

Verify the user has an active support contract.  If they do not have a support contract, the customer will receive a message when attempting to login thatsays “Service Contract Required. Our records indicate that you do not have access to this tool. – OK or LEARN MORE.” The customer can click “Learn More” to get additional information about purchasing a contract.


What if I get a “Server Connection Error”?

  • Ensure that the user’s device is connected to the internet & retry the request
  • Restart the Cisco Tech Support Application
  • Navigate to CSC/Supportforums ( to see if there is a site outage

If there is no known situation, gather the user’s ID, any specific community to which there is no access, the time of the day and any other pertinent information. Escalate to

.Mobi FAQs

Is the Cisco Support Community mobile site free?

The mobile site is provided free of charge. Carriers may charge consumers extra to access the internet through their mobile devices. Check with your carrier to get your data price. If you have a WiFi enabled mobile device, the usage would normally be free.

What is data access?

Data access is the service that allows consumers to browse the internet from their mobile phones. Carriers typically offer this as a separate subscription service.

There are thousands of different devices — are you sure it will work with mine?

We have built the site to recognize different devices and provide an optimal experience for varying combinations of device and mobile browser

How do I get to the Cisco Support Community mobile site?

You can access the site through your mobile browser. Type in, and it will take you to our site.

Which carriers will support wireless solution?

The mobile site is available through any carrier that supports wireless phone web browsing.Some carriers require consumers to subscribe to a data or internet package before browsing the web. Some carriers allow consumers to surf the web, but charge extra for accessing wireless content.

Do I have to download anything for wireless? does not require you to download an application to your phone. You can use the mini-browser available on your mobile device.

Does my phone support mobile browsing?

Most phones sold today have mini-browsers included. If you’re unsure if your phone supports wireless browsing, check with your carrier or your phone's user manual. Some older phones do not have wireless internet access and will not be able to access the site.

Can anyone use this feature?

Anyone who has a mobile device with internet access can use this feature. Depending on a person's service plan, charges may apply for the traffic.

Which WAP version is supported?

CSC's mobile site is based on WAP 2.0 which uses a cut-down version of XHTML with end-to-end HTTP (i.e., dropping the gateway and custom protocol suite used to communicate with it). A WAP gateway can be used in conjunction with WAP 2.0; however, in this scenario, it is used as a standard proxy server.Mobile devices process XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP), the markup language defined in WAP 2.0. It is a subset of XHTML and a superset of XHTML Basic.  Most newer mobile phones (smartphones) support WAP 2.0, and can be used to read information from our mobile site.

Can I receive graphics on my mobile device?

Yes, you can receive simple graphics such as the logo on your mobile device. However, the size and clarity of the graphics are dependent on the model of your mobile phone.

Why can't I access on my phone?

Some of the possible reasons include:

  • You have not subscribed to a data plan. Please contact your service provider.
  • You have not enabled wifi on your phone. Check your phone settings.
  • You are outside the coverage area of your service provider.
  • The Cisco Support community mobile site is under maintenance. Please access it later. If the problem persists, you should contact your service provider.

I like the new open ticket feature. I would like to have the ability to see my past tickets. If thats something that could be added to the wish list that would be great.