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Facebook app for Cisco Support Community

New features in v 2.1

We released an update to our Facebook application today (2/23/2012) and here's a list of new features that you'll find.


Hierarchial view of communities:

The communities are now displayed in a two level hierarchy like on Cisco Support Community. It should make it simpler to choose the ones that you want to follow.

Mark as Answered:

You now have the ability to mark a question as "answered" whenever someone replies to your question and you are satisfied with the answer. Marking it answered not only gestures that you are thanking the respondent but also helps the person who replied accumulate points and appear higher on the leaderboard. You’ll see this option only if the discussion (question) was posted by YOU via the Facebook app. When you are viewing other's discussions, you don’t get the option of marking them as answered.

Collapsible community list:

On the "Answer" tab, you can now collapse the community selection box so that you get more viewable area.

Social sharing:

You now have the ability to share your favorite discussion on more than just Facebook and Twitter.

New Settings tab:

New settings tab allows you to control your email and notification preferences.

Follow an expert:

You now have the ability to follow any expert. Whenever they particiapte in a discussion, you'll receive a notification. You can opt to receive a daily/weekly digest by going to the Settings tab.

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