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Facebook App for Cisco Support Community

Our Facebook app enables you to participate in discussions on Cisco Support Community from within Facebook. The app acts as a bridge and lets you participate in the conversation from either eside.When you reply or post a question from the Facebook app, they are posted both on the Facebook app and in the Cisco Support Community. Similarly, when you post a reply or ask a question on Cisco Support Community, you can see them on the Facebook app.

The app has three tabs – Ask, Answer and My Activity.

Answer Tab:


This is the default tab on the app and shows you all the recent activity. You can remove the noise and focus on your interests by only selecting the relevant communities on the top. Your settings will be remembered when you come back the next time. This tab shows you all questions and replies posted via the Facebook app or the Cisco Support community.

Ask Tab:


This tab lets you search for solutions to your problems and post it to the community if you don’t find it already answered.

My Activity Tab:


This tab organizes all your activity. You can filter further to show you all the discussions that you started by select the “My Questions” tab on the left. Similarly, “My Replies” tab will show you all the replies you have posted.

When you post a reply or ask a question on the Facebook app, it appears as below on Cisco Support Community. The message will appear as posted by "WebUser" and will carry a footer linking to the Facebook profile of the person who posted.


If you haven't already checked it out, you should now. Here's how you can do it.

  1.        Go to
  2.        Uncheck the communities that are not of interest to you.
  3.        Give permissions when the dialog pops up and you are ready to go.

Our app combines the power of your social network with the expertise in the Cisco Support Community.