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Guidelines for Posting Sensitive and Confidential Information

Under no circumstances shall users' of the Cisco Support Community post the following material:

  • Customer information including but not limited to content such as your own or other users' personally identifiable information, installed applications, log in credentials and/or passwords, network inventory, network diagram from networks in production environments, configuration dump, virtual images of network, network reports, and field notices and/or security vulnerabilities which may impact a customer. 
  • Highly Confidential Content: Data is highly sensitive information critical to ongoing operations.
  • Restricted Content: Data is the most sensitive data which shall have the highest degree of restricted access and security protection.

Please Contact Us if you have further questions.

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No logs, no network diagram, no configuration dumps ... - we are smart experts but no prophets. We are unable to help Cisco customer unless it's allowed to disclose data to analyze. This is Cisco *Support* Community, isn't it ? Those Guidelines has been created by someone who doesn't understand the matter of this WWW.