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How Do Content Ratings Work?



(Go to Japanese Version ディスカッションへの評価機能)


The rating system is designed to help members find quality information faster and to acknowledge those members who contribute highly technical content to the Cisco Support Community.


What do ratings mean?


Any registered member can rate a discussion post, blog, video, and document. You must be logged in to submit a rating. Ratings are on a scale from 1 to 5:




Extremely Helpful
Very Helpful
Somewhat Helpful
Not Helpful
The reply asked for more information


If you originate a discussion question, you also have the opportunity to indicate when a response has resolved your issue.

Please take the time to do so, as this is a helpful way for others to find solutions to their issue.


Why should I rate content?

If you see a post (Discussion Reply, Blog, Video, or Document) that you think deserves recognition, please take a moment to rate it. You'll be helping yourself and others to quickly identify useful content -- as determined by members. And you'll be ensuring that people who generously share their expertise are properly acknowledged. As posts are rated, the value of those ratings are accumulated as "points" and summarized on the Member Profile page and on each member's Preferences page.


How do I Rate Support Community Content?

For more information, please refer How do I Rate Content in the Cisco Support Forums?


How are ratings displayed?

Discussions Page




Helpful answer.JPGThe Discussion includes a reply that solved the author's issue.
RatingAverage of all ratings within the content (Discussion, Blog, Video, or Document)
RatingsNumber of times the content has been rated



Where can I see my average rating and points?

Click on the user profile and go to "Reputation" tab as shows below. You will see the average overall rating of all your posts/content, followed by the total number of ratings received. You will also see a breakdown of points by community and content type.





Rating Badges:



Star BadgeOverall Points Needed


Super Red

40,000 and above
Super Blue32,500 -39,999
goldStar_outline.gifSuper Gold
25,000 - 32,499
sliverStar_outline.gifSuper Silver
17,500 - 24,999
bronzeStar_outline.gifSuper Bronze
10,000 - 17,499
4,500 - 9,999
3,000 - 4.499
2,250 - 2,999
1,500 - 2,249
750 - 1,499
250 - 749
bronzestar.gifBronze100 - 249
Hall of Fame Super Blue

Badge Points are incorrect.

Cisco Employee

Thanks Leo for pointing that out.

I have updated the doc with correct info.

Community Member

thank you. it's good job!! 

Community Member

!!! Now I understood the logic behind that !!!

Community Member

thanks you so much for your answer

VIP Blue

Link to Japanese version is incorrect, it should be  ディスカッションへの評価機能 instead. Moreover, the Japanese version is outdated - at least badge point ranges are incorrect.