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How do I Rate Content in the Cisco Support Forums?

Who doesn't want to be recognized for their efforts? Show your appreciation by rating content.

Rating content is a way to not only reward users for their contribution, but it also gives them points to increase their reputation.


Find out more about how rating points work


Learn how to rate content in the Cisco Support Community.

Rating Discussions/Forum posts are slightly different than Blogs, Videos, and Documents.



How to Rate Discussion/Forum Posts

To rate an answer follow these steps:

  1. You must be logged in to rate.
  2. Navigate to the discussion post you want to rate            
    • The stars on the left display the average rating, if you've rated, and if no rating has occurred.
      Use the stars on the left to select your rating.
  3. To select your rating, "hover" over the stars on the left:             
    • 1 star means Not useful = Lowest rating
    • 2 stars mean Somewhat useful
    • 3 stars mean Helpful
    • 4 stars mean Very Help
    • 5 stars mean Extremely Helpful = Highest Rating


Of the 5 Stars shown, the most Right hand Star = 5 (Highest rating)


Of the 5 Stars shown the most Left hand Star = 1 (Lowest rating)

Note: Please be careful to check the correct number of stars before clicking on the star as the rating can't be changed after it has been entered.

  1. Select the star that will grant the author the right points. The "Average Rating" will update.




Rating Documents, Blogs, and Videos


To rate a document, blog, or video... follow these steps:


  1. You must be logged in to rate.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the document, blog, video where you will see the following            
    • The set of stars is where you can rate the document, blog, or video.
    • Cisco Support Community star rating reputationCisco Support Community 5 stars rating reputation
  3. To rate the Document/Blog/Video, hover over the second set of stars and mark the number of stars that show in orange.
    Note: 1 star means poor content and 5 stars means excellent content.

  4. Once you rate the document, you will see the your rating and the average rating.



Different Star levels, Badges and points needed to achieve it.



Star Badge Overall Points Needed

Super Red

40,000 and above
Super Blue 32,500 -39,999
goldStar_outline.gif Super Gold
25,000 - 32,499
sliverStar_outline.gif Super Silver
17,500 - 24,999
bronzeStar_outline.gif Super Bronze
10,000 - 17,499
purplestar.gif Purple
4,500 - 9,999
greenstar.gif Green
3,000 - 4.499
redstar.gif Red
2,250 - 2,999
bluestar.gif Blue
1,500 - 2,249
goldstar.gif Gold
750 - 1,499
silverstar.gif Silver
250 - 749
bronzestar.gif Bronze 100 - 249
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Very nicely illustrated doc. How about Diamond, Platinum, Titanium and instead of Super Gold, Super Silver and Super Bronze though.

Very nicely illustrated doc. How about Diamond, Platinum, Titanium


theese will come after Super Purple