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New applications from Cisco Support Community

Browser Toolbar

This is a toolbar for Firefox (Windows and Mac) and Internet Explorer  (Windows only) that will allow you to search for content on Cisco  Support Community as well as on

Firefox Instructions:

  • Install    
    • Download ciscosupportcommunitytoolbar.xpi attached to this document
    • Start Firefox
    • Click on the XPI file and it should guide you till end
    • If your computer does not know what to do with the xpi file, click on "Open With" and choose "Firefox"
    • Restart Firefox
  • Uninstall
    • Open Firefox
    • Click on Tools->Addons
    • Look for "Cisco Community Toolbar"
    • Click on "Uninstall"
    • Restart Firefox

IE Instructions:

  • Install    
    • Download ciscosupportcommunitytoolbar.msi attached to this document
    • Click on the ciscosupportcommunitytoolbar.msi Follow the installation instruction
    • Restart IE
  • Uninstall
    • Go to control-panel -> Add Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows 7)
    • Click on "Cisco Support Toolbar" -> Remove (or right click and uninstall in Windows 7)
    • Restart IE

Facebook Application

Add our new Facebook application and get connected with your networking peers and participate in live discussions. Don't forget to add it to your profile!

To see it in action, visit our Facebook page at and click on the "Cisco Support" tab.

To install it on your Facebook profile:

Add tab to your profile page:

  • Go to your profile page. e.g.
  • On the profiles tab, click on + tab. Select Cisco Support. (Please  note that this assumes that you have already installed the app using  "Install" steps.)

This app is already submitted to the Facebook application directory, and has been approved! You can also go to and search for "cisco support".   That will bring up our app in the  search results. Click on "Cisco Support Community" application to go to  our application page.



  • Click on this button when you "like" this Cisco Support Community discussion.
  • Clicking 'Like' will
    • add you to the list of users who liked the discussion
    • post on your wall (and your friend's wall) saying that you have liked that discussion
    • allow you to do a custom post on your wall that you can share with your friends.


  • Click on this link when you want to share a particular Cisco Support Community discussion with your friends.
  • Clicking 'Share' will
    • allow you to do a custom post on your wall that you can share with your friends.

Me Too

  • Click on this link if you like the discussion and want to be notified of any updates to this discussion on the Cisco Support Community site.
  • Clicking 'Me Too' will
    • request you for permission to notify you via email when someone replies to the particular conversation
    • notify you when someone replies to the particular conversation
    • create a post on your wall when someone replies to this conversation on Cisco Support Community forums.

Twitter Follow the NetPro Application

The   application allows Twitter  users to “follow” pre-selected CSC   NetPros’  posts in CSC in real time via Twitter. No app installs are   required.  All one has to do is to select the CSC NetPro he/she wants  to  follow  and “Tweet” his/her requests to us. The user receives a  Twitter direct  message at frequent intervals with a link to the  NetPro's posts.

Step   1.  'follow' @cisco_support.

cisco_support   is the name of a Twitter account through which you can access Cisco   Support Community.
But first you'll need to follow cisco_support.    Here's how...

Login to your Twitter account.
In the Twitter   reply input box type:  follow @cisco_support

This is a one time   step.

Note: Make sure that Tweet Privacy is disabled.   Here's how...

          Goto Twitter settings, uncheck "Protect  my  tweets" and save.

Step 2.  Send   cisco_support a tweet.

Here's  a list of commands  supported by cisco_support and the command syntax.

List  of NetPros

Usage@cisco_support   list
Direct MessageValid   NetPros: Joe Clarke, Lucien Avramov, Carlos Pignataro

Follow   NetPros

Usage@cisco_support  follow Joe Clarke
Direct MessageSuccessfully  following Joe Clarke. Latest Article:

Unfollow   NetPros

Usage@cisco_support  unfollow Joe  Clarke
Direct MessageSuccessfully  unfollowed Joe Clarke

Sample   Direct Message


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Is there an iPad app in the works for the CSC ?

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Will it be available for Google Chrome?